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Natural Stone Quarry Rockdale Stone is centrally located just outside of Abilene, TX. We have been in business since 1988. Our quarry operation offers quarry-direct construction stone, landscape stone, flagstone, and more.

Imagination is the limit when designing with our different sizes, styles, and colors. Whether you are an architect, home builder, contractor or home owner, we offer a large selection of cut stone to use in construction, landscape features, retaining walls, decorative stone features and more. Whether you’re planning a new home, landscaping, or interior design project, Rockdale Stone has it all.

Our stone is available in Sawn Top & Bottom, Rough Chop and Special or Custom Cut. stone for landscaping and other rustic designs.

Why Choose Natural Stone for Your Building and Landscaping Projects?

Natural stone is durable, unique and beautiful. When choosing natural stone from Rockdale Stone, you can be assured your stone will be:

Unique: No two slabs of stone that are quarried out of the earth are the same. Each cut of stone carries its own unique character, beauty and variation. Each cut or tumbled piece of limestone will offer its own beauty to your design or building project. Your project promises to be one-of-a-kind when you choose to use natural stone from Rockdale Stone

Durable: Using stone for your building material means you will build something that lasts. Natural stone offers a durability to your home, commercial building or landscaping project that you will not get with other materials. Natural stone is also low maintenance and retains its beauty year after year.

About Rockdale Stone

The outside of your home is what you, your guests and your neighbors see first. Natural stone has an elegance and rustic appeal that is hard to beat. So you want the natural stone for your home to be gorgeous and fitting for the design and your style. Rockdale Stone offers high-quality, beautiful stone that will make a great first impression.

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Rockdale Stone
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Quarry Manager: Matt
Huggins, ph: 325-665-9161

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Rockdale Stone
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Avoca, TX

Owners: Dana & Gayla Pendergraft

3P, LLC, DBA Rockdale Stone

Phone: 325-665-9161

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