Sawn Top & Bottom

Sawn Top & Bottom is natural stone that has been cut on the top and bottom to create uniform pieces of various sizes. This type of stone can be used for a range of appearances and installed in patterns to achieve many beautiful looks.

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Rough Chopped

Rough Chopped stone is natural stone that has been – like it sounds – chopped rather than sawn, making the edges a bit rougher around the edges. This stone may be a bit asymmetrical, but still maintains the shape of squares or rectangles.

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Custom Cut

Custom Cut natural stone is cut to your specifications and by special order. This stone comes in random shapes and sizes – perfect for landscaping, patios or rustic designs, special cut stone is versatile in its use and makes a strong statement.

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About Rockdale Stone

The outside of your home is what you, your guests and your neighbors see first. Natural stone has an elegance and rustic appeal that is hard to beat. So you want the natural stone for your home to be gorgeous and fitting for the design and your style. Rockdale Stone offers high-quality, beautiful stone that will make a great first impression.

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